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Forensic Polygraph Services, Inc.
The opportunity to know the truth
Forensic Polygraph Services, Inc.
The opportunity to defend yourself
Forensic Polygraph Services, Inc.
The opportunity for expert witness consulting
Forensic Polygraph Services, Inc.
The opportunity to help yourself
Forensic Polygraph Services, Inc.
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"For when the truth has value."

At F.P.S.I., you can be assured that you can achieve issue clarification and credibility assessment for whatever your needs. Primary to our services are professional polygraph examinations utilizing computerized systems and state of the art software. These examinations are conducted using validated testing formats and in accordance with model policies and best practices as defined by State licensing and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards.

In addition, we are in the unparalleled position of being able to offer legal consulting services for polygraph expert witness admissibility in both state and federal court venues. Polygraph examinations, protocols and consulting services can be provided that focus on the following issues:

Private Attorney

Before allowing your client to be subjected to a police administered polygraph, call us first. Our exames become your work product and provide a clear assessment of your client's credibility. Learn more...


Polygraph exams provide assurance in the field of sexual addiction within the disclosure process. Assessing the thoroughness of a client's disclosure and establishing a basis by which the parties can establish the truth will allow a pathway for healing and forward movement in the recovery process. Learn more...


We stand ready to provide issue analysis and credibility assessments on even the most sensitive and private personal matters. Learn more...

Expert Witness

Our legal consulting services can assist you when it comes to polygraph expert testimony admissibility. We are experienced and prepared to help you succeed in court. Learn more...

Law Enforcement

As a retired police Detective Bureau lieutenant and polygraph examiner, Neil Myres continues to maintain the State "public license" that is necessary for the administration of law enforcement polygraph examinations. Municipalities may desire the advantages of an "on call" and "in house" examiner that they know and trust. Myres, a partner in Myres & Ruffino Polygraph, currently maintains a contractual relationship with both state and federal agencies. Learn more...

Insurance Disputes

Are you an insured seeking insurance coverage or has your claim already been denied? Or, do you represent an insurance company where investigation issues remain? Both types of disputes can benefit from a polygraph examination. Learn more...

Personal Injury

Proof of a physical or mental injury is the key to success in personal injury lawsuits. Polygraph examinations can assist any facet of the discovery process. Learn more...

What Our Clients Say

Mitchell Ribitwer

Ribitwer & Sabbota, LLP

"Forensic Polygraph Services Inc. is a professional, competent and excellent polygraph service. Our law firm, Ribitwer & Sabbota, consists of two criminal defense attorneys who are former prosecutors, with a combined 84 years of experience. We engage the services of Forensic Polygraph Services Inc. on a regular basis. Neil Myres has positively assisted our firm facilitating and resolving many cases. Mr. Myres is highly respected, impartial, objective, accurate and reliable. We have had great success as a result of his expertise and his unbiased opinion. We highly recommend Mr. Myres for any entity seeking polygraph services."

Clint W. Perryman

Clint Perryman - Attorney at Law

"As a criminal defense attorney who handles high-profile cases throughout the State of Michigan, the opportunity to work with Neil Myres is invaluable. His years of experience in law enforcement coupled with a law degree gives him the working knowledge to assess a client's credibility and address the appropriate examination questions. He and his staff at Forensic Polygraph Services have always made themselves available to discuss and prepare for the examinations in advance. I have complete confidence in Forensic Polygraph Services and give them the highest recommendation for quality of work product and professionalism."

Deanna L. Kelley

"Neil Myres is an accomplished polygraph examiner who has demonstrated excellence in the field and earned a well-respected reputation for accuracy and impartiality. Given his background in police investigation, Neil has an uncanny ability to understand the root issue so he can formulate accurate and precise questions. Additionally, Neil is able to explain his results in layman terms, which helps to educate me, my client and the court. I highly recommend Forensic Polygraph Services."

Brian J. Prain

The Law Office of Brian J. Prain, PLLC

"Polygraphs are essential to my criminal defense practice. After using all the big names out there, I trust no one besides Neil Myres of Forensic Polygraph Services, Inc. - period. I need a safe way to find out if my client is a candidate for a police polygraph. Neil is not only the top polygrapher in the state - he's also a JD, so he understands exactly how legal issues affect my cases. Intelligent, approachable, accommodating, simply the best you'll find. Once you use Neil's services, I guarantee you'll never see fit to use anyone else ever again."

Hope Ray

"As a CSAT therapist, I help couples who want to restore their relationship after sexual betrayal. A common roadblock in rebuilding trust is the task of overcoming a long-term behavior of lies and omissions. With therapeutic preparation, a professional polygraph can serve as a third-party verification that she has the whole story following a Full Therapeutic Disclosure. Forensic Polygraph Services delivers a consistent, precise polygraph every time. They know how to provide the truth for relationships that are on the brink. "

Shawn H. Head

The Head Law Firm, PLC

"I am a criminal defense attorney and I have found his experience in the industry especially helpful because he knows most of the law enforcement polygraph examiners in the area, and his credentials consistently exceed those of other examiners. Additionally, his law enforcement experience lends additional credibility to his reports when they are presented to the government. If I need a polygraph examiner for a case, Neil is the man that I go to. I highly recommend him."


The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But

Before we even set foot in Forensic Polygraph Services Inc., Neil Myres promised to treat us like any other client. So when he retrieved us from the waiting room of his office...

Man beaten by Inkster police officers aces polygraph test

INKSTER, Mich. - Floyd Dent was hooked up to a lie detector machine by one of the most highly-regarded examiners in the state of Michigan and asked direct questions about threatening police officers in Inkster.

Do These Things Really Work? Scott Lewis Puts Polygraph to Test

DETROIT (WWJ) – The polygraph examiner was soft spoken, matter-of fact, and to the point. He told me to keep my feet on the floor and look straight ahead. He hooked probes up to...