"For when the truth has value."

At F.P.S.I., you can be assured that you can achieve issue clarification and credibility assessment for whatever your needs. Primary to our services are professional polygraph examinations utilizing computerized systems and state of the art software. These examinations are conducted using validated testing formats and in accordance with model policies and best practices defined State licensing and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards.

In addition, we are in the unparalleled position of being able to offer legal consulting services for polygraph expert witness admissibility in both state and federal court venues. Polygraph examinations, protocols and consulting services can be provided that focus on the following issues:

Private Attorney Testing

With Forensic Polygraph Services’ neutral and objective issue assessment, a clear assessment of your client’s credibility can be established to assist in your legal strategy. If your client has been offered a police administered polygraph, it would be unwise to subject your client to such an exam without first submitting them to a private examination. Should the client be charged with any Criminal Sexual Conduct, Michigan State Law affords them the statutory right to submit to a polygraph exam for purposes of issue clarity. See M.C.L. 776.21, for full statute click here.

Our exams become your work product, yet are removed from your personal client relationship. You can be assured of Forensic Polygraph Services’ confidentiality as well as avoid any possible discord between you and your client.

As highly experienced and professional interviewers, we privately and effectively engage your clients and assess their claims with the heightened scrutiny that may present itself in the course of their case. This not only affords you an independent sense of confidence in your legal strategy but also distances you from what certainly can become a problem if the clients are assessed as not being completely truthful.


Polygraph exams provide assurance in the field of sexual addiction within the disclosure process. Assessing the thoroughness of a client's disclosure and establishing a basis by which the parties can establish the truth will allow a pathway for healing and forward movement in the recovery process.

Polygraph, as an independent assessment, can uncover lies and omissions as well as ascertain the client's compliance with their terms of sobriety. Additionally, periodic maintenance exams can assist with progress that follows the particular objectives of therapy. Polygraph exams can greatly assist therapists that specialize in this field.

Expert Witness Consulting

Admission of polygraph expert testimony is a little-known area of law. Motion practice in this area is not common, yet can be incredibly important to jury determinations.

The purpose of Federal Rule of Evidence 702 was to expand expert testimony admissibility where it can assist the jury. However, a lack of familiarity with the court rule within the bar and judiciary have led to the rule being used primarily to exclude expert testimony. In fact, many states still unwittingly adhere to the Frye standard from 1923, rather than the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1993 Daubert decision that recognized Rule 702.

At F.P.S.I., we know Federal Rule of Evidence 702 motion practice. Our legal consulting services can help you:
- Assist judges in performing their proper gatekeeper function in admitting expert testimony.
- Establish relevance and reliability of expert witnesses for admissibility.
- Establish an expert’s scientific, technical or specialized knowledge evidence for admissibility.

With over 20 years’ litigation experience in the federal and state bars, our legal consulting services provide authority and guidance in applying state and federal expert admissibility rules properly.

Personal Injury

Proof of a physical or mental injury is the key to success in personal injury lawsuits. Polygraph examinations can assist any facet of the discovery process. Whether issues arise during depositions or by way of written discovery responses, a polygraph can uncover, refute, bolster or support the material facts. Know the truth to streamline litigation, saving you time and money.

Insurance Disputes

Are you an insured seeking insurance coverage or has your claim already been denied? Or, do you represent an insurance company where investigation issues remain? Both types of disputes can benefit from a polygraph examination. When insurance coverage depends on the veracity of the insured, let us help you. As an independent assessment service, we don't take sides. Our allegiance is to the truth, period.

Personal Issues

At Forensic Polygraph Services, Inc. we stand ready to provide issue analysis and credibility assessments on even the most sensitive personal matters. As with all examinations, you can rest assured that all polygraph examinations are 100% confidential.

Personal testing can include, but is not limited to the following issues:
- All Types of Sex Offenses: Sexual Harassment, Soliciting Prostitution, Viewing Pornography, Child Pornography, etc.
- Domestic Violence
- Gambling Issues
- Illicit Drug Usage
- Relationship or Marital Testing / Suspicion of Infidelity / Same Sex Sexual Contact, etc.

Divorce Issues

Amongst the tremendous hardships and personal challenges that occur within a divorce, often an issue of credibility will arise over things such as property disputes, asset disclosure, fidelity, spousal abuse, etc. By way of a polygraph examination, you can establish credibility on issues that can have great importance in how your case may be resolved. At Forensic Polygraph Services, Inc. you can be assured of a confidential, professional and independent examination.

Sex Offender Testing

Many states including Michigan rely on mental health programs for the treatment and monitoring of sex offenders during their parole or probation periods. These treatment programs require the administration of initial and periodic polygraph exams to verify treatment compliance, parole or probation violations, and recidivism. Standards for Post-Conviction Sex Offender Testing (PCSOT) have been established by the American Polygraph Association (APA) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). The examiner must obtain special additional training and certification to provide this type of testing.

Our examiners have this training and are certified through the American Polygraph Association to conduct Post-Conviction Sex Offender Testing. With this type of certification, we are able to provide all types of sex offense examinations, such as Sexual Harassment, Soliciting Prostitution, Viewing Child Pornography, Sexual Touching/Molestation with professionalism, high quality, accuracy, and reliable results.

Work / Employment Issues

In Michigan, the employer is not allowed to require or even request their employee to submit to a polygraph examination on an employment related issue. If however, the employee of his own volition wishes to have an examination conducted for employment related issues, such an exam is allowable by law.

Examinations of this type are scrutinized both by Federal Law (EPPA) as well as State law. It is highly recommended that prior to considering or addressing a polygraph examination on a work related issue, that you contact Forensic Polygraph Services, Inc. first. We would be more than willing to discuss the situation with you.

Competitive Events Validation

These days many competitive events such as fishing and golf tournaments, body building and beauty pageants award significant prizes for the winners. Prior to awarding these winnings, a polygraph exam can validate the prospective winner's full and complete compliance specific to the contest rules.